I’ve been noticing lately that almost anywhere I am and anyone I thank for something, their response is “No problem.” The typical response used to be “You’re welcome.”

So what’s this shift taking place in our culture? Is “No problem” equal to “You’re welcome”?

When someone thanks me for something, I’m making a concsious effort to say “Thank you”. To me, that’s more personal and tells the person I wanted to do it. That I meant for it to happen. On purpose. Saying “no problem” seems to make it more about me. It says “Yeah, what just happened wasn’t too much of a bother for me. It didn’t put me out much at all.”

Maybe this is a silly observation, but genuinely being kind to someone, looking them in the eye and letting them know you care, seems to be a lost art. Let’s bring it back. I challenge you to try responding with “You’re welcome” the next time someone thanks you for something. Hopefully it’ll be no problem at all :)

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