Some people might still think social media is a fad, but at this point, they might want to think again.

Even though still in its infancy, social media has changed life as we know it (unless you’re Amish, but even that’s arguable).

Check out these recent statistics on how immersed  in social media some demographic groups in our culture have become. The next paragraph is part of a larger article from Advertising Age by Beth Snyder Bulik

While not that many people actively engage in social media during sex, they do in bed. Retrevo found that almost half of social-media users check in via phone while lying in bed. About 48% of those polled said they check or update Facebook or Twitter after they’ve gotten into bed at night and/or before they get out of bed in the morning. That number jumps to 76% for the 25-and-younger set, with a whopping 19% of those millennials saying they also check in whenever they wake up during the night.

And this newly-refreshed, nifty video that gives a great summary of where in the world we’re at with social media. I’ve used this video before in presentations, but some new numbers are very handy to prove to your client, your boss, your team, your tribe, that you should be engaged in social media.


It’s May the 4th, 2010. Here’s to everyone who, as little kids back in 1977, we thought by now we’d be zooming around on our own landspeeders or at least shooting laser guns and hanging out with our own protocol droids. All I have so far is an iPhone and an iPad. Even if I had the Segway I have my eye on, it wouldn’t add up to those dreams of an 8 year old watching the very first Star Wars at the theater.

Even though we still have to walk places and can’t jump into hyperspace, I encourage you to do something today that you never thought you could do. Do something you’ve been meaning to do. Do something that moves you toward your dream. Do something.

Remember, the Force Will Be With You… Always.


I think this is so cool! Being a vocal music education major, it brings back pleasant memories of directing and the beauty of the moment when voices are blending and creating an audible tapestry of living music. Check out this incredible video by Scott Haines featuring Eric Whitacre and a webcam choir from across 12 countries doing an original piece titled Lux Aurumque.  This is a great example of infusing new technology to discover new capabilities that were never available until now. Bravo Eric, Scott and choir!

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